Retz Gaming Days Ltd is an independent video games company that was founded in February 2017 by Michael "Retz Retro" Ingram and is located in Braintree, Essex, United Kingdom.

Ever since childhood Michael had a love of games, growing up with the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) and Sega Channel, there was never a short supply of fun and interesting games to play. In later years Michael decided to learn programming and found he had a knack for it. Taking part in various courses and making various, unpublished games, he decided to take this further. Michael enrolled himself into the University of East London where he learned more about games design and development from the amazing tutors there.

A short while after graduating from University Michael founded this company, Retz Gaming Days ltd. After founding this company, Magical Defence was released. This is the first mobile game, that since release, went through many updates. Magical Defence is partnered with Reward Mob, allowing players to earn money and other prizes in the daily tournaments.

Over at Retz Gaming Days, we are designing and developing more games and are looking to branch out to steam and console release in the future.


Michael "Retz Retro" Ingram

Founder, Designer, Developer, Pixel Artist.